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Hi, my name is Roj Williams. I was born in 1965 the son of a Shropshire farmer. I was educated locally at first then further afield. After leaving school at 16 I went to college, did agricultural engineering and welding. I didn’t settle into farming and so travelled abroad, helping out at home when back in the UK.

I stopped travelling when I was 28 having seen quite a lot of the world – my daughter was born the same year – this put my feet on the ground. I then worked locally doing a variety of jobs; building custom motorcycles, welding at a local stove factory, rigging at outdoor events and festivals, working alongside a local laser company and finally working as a diesel mechanic for a local bus company.

It was during this time my boss asked me to make a birthday present for his wife and I made my first sculpture. Within six months my boss had set me up with a workshop. I started doing gates and railings and smaller specialist jobs for local builders and businesses, whenever I had a moment spare I’d be in the scrap bin creating sculptures. I then started to get commissions; I worked at local schools and the festivals running workshops for young people of all ages and backgrounds. Unfortunately rigorous health and safety issues made this difficult.


I now run a larger workshop working on the type of thing you see before you. Whenever possible I use recycled materials, often visiting local businesses and rooting through their scrap pile. All my pieces are life size or larger and I really enjoy making animals or birds or anything organic, using the different textures in the “used materials” to highlight different features. If you are interested in a commission or would like to view some of my work please contact me at